St. Patrick's Academy

Physical Education Department

It is widely acknowledged that physical education can play a potentially important role in enhancing student's health by creating positive attitude towards exercise. Physical education classes in schools effect, young adolescents, mentally, physically and emotionally. PE programs help students to increase the chances the physical activity and adapt lifestyle suitably. Choosing to live physically active lifestyle is important to health and wellness. It is important for a child's life because of their changing physical status.

Research has proved that children who actively participate in sports, be it team sports or dual and individual sports, have high self confidence which is very important for the development of a person's character. Physical education instills the desire to participate, enjoy victory and the defeat positively, developing the overall personality of the character.

Apart from maintaining physical fitness, it includes training in the development and care of the human body. It helps a person sharpen overall cognitive abilities and motor skills through athletics, exercise and various other physical activities.

Physical education inculcates in children the importance of maintaining a healthy body and teaches them the importance of regular fitness and activity in daily routine which in turn rejuvenates and energizes.

We proudly affirm that SPA attaches great significance and importance to physical education and we provide ample opportunities for the students by providing basketball courts, volleyball courts, table tennis, sprawling football field, cricket ground and well equipped indoor badminton court etc. We brought laurels to SPA in state and national athletic meet in badminton, cricket, skating and table tennis etc.

Rather than basking in the glories and resting in our oars, the sports departments is looking forward to many more milestones and bring much more glories.