St. Patrick's Academy

General Knowledge Department

In the ever-evolving landscape of our modern world, remaining ahead necessitates a continuous pursuit of knowledge. General knowledge serves as the compass that steers students through the intricacies of competitions and interviews, sculpting them into astute individuals.

Acquiring general knowledge is not a fleeting endeavour; rather, it is an on-going journey. Students are encouraged to maintain a constant connection with current affairs, both domestically and internationally, recognizing that global events have a profound impact on our lives. Cultivating habits such as reading newspapers, watching news channels, and tuning in to the radio is paramount. Transforming these activities into ingrained habits ensures that children not only relish the process of gathering information but also become inherently curious knowledge seekers.

Here at St. Patrick's Academy, our General Knowledge Department operates with precision:

Thoughtful Syllabus Design:

A meticulously designed syllabus ensures that students acquire a foundational set of general information, laying the groundwork for a well-rounded education.

Integrated News Reading:

News reading is seamlessly integrated into our assembly routine, fostering an environment of awareness where students stay attuned to current events and developments.

Dynamic Quiz Club:

Our vibrant quiz club provides a dynamic platform for students to actively stay updated and share their knowledge. Students not only participate in quizzes but also enhance their understanding by preparing PowerPoint presentations on general knowledge lessons for revision.

Collaborative Newsletter Committee:

The Newsletter Committee, working hand-in-hand with the General Knowledge department, conducts online quizzes thrice a year, enhancing engagement and ensuring that students stay connected to the ever-changing world.

Class News Corners:

Every class is encouraged to maintain a dedicated news corner on their display board. This initiative fosters a culture of curiosity and awareness, where students are encouraged to share and discuss current events.

By seamlessly weaving these practices into the fabric of our educational approach, we aspire to mould students not only into well-informed individuals but also into lifelong learners. Our aim is to instil a perpetual eagerness to explore and comprehend the world around them, preparing them for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.