About St. Patrick's Academy

St.Patrick's Academy, Angamaly is founded and run by The Congregation of the Brothers of St.Patrick, India and is registered as The Educational Society of the Brothers of St.Patrick Angamaly. Read More

Principal's Message

Education is an important aspect that plays ... more

The Breastplate

St. Patrick's Breastplate is a popular prayer ... more

Our Grand Vision

Young man / woman who will see the entire ... more

The Congregation

The Congregation of the Brothers of St.Patrick ... more

Aims & Objectives

The school attaches great importance to a ... more

Notes to Parents

Parents are requested to bear in mind that ... more

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Phone : 0484 - 2690878, 2690979, 3258939
Email : spabeacon@gmail.com, spapatrician@gmail.com, principalspangamaly@gmail.com