St. Patrick's Academy

Hindi Department

"Hindi, the second most spoken language globally, boasts nearly half a billion speakers, making it a linguistic marvel. Recognizing its significance as the national and official language of India, we at St. Patrick's Academy prioritize the teaching of Hindi in our school.

For beginners, our curriculum emphasizes the Hindi alphabet, symbols, word formation, picture identification, and writing names in Hindi. In lower classes, special attention is given to matras and letters to facilitate easy reading. As students progress to higher classes, the focus shifts towards effective communication in Hindi.

Our dedicated teachers incorporate daily activities that provide learners with opportunities to develop listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. Interactive panel board classes play a pivotal role, especially in improving fluency, as students get ample chances to hear words pronounced correctly.

To foster a deeper appreciation for Hindi, we organize annual competitions such as elocution, recitation, and handwriting. These events not only serve as a platform for showcasing talent but also cultivate awareness and interest in the language. A highlight on our calendar is Hindi Day, where the entire program, including prayer, pledge, news, speech, recitation, and skits, is conducted in Hindi.

Hindi, as the national and official language of India, serves as a unifying force among diverse states, promoting cultural adaptation. At St. Patrick's Academy, our commitment is to kindle interest and love for Hindi, fostering cultural connections and linguistic pride among our students."