St. Patrick's Academy

English Department

The subject English and the language English always enjoyed an exceptional and unique status at SPA. The Department of English is convinced of the greater role that the language plays in today's global world and hence ensures that every possible step is taken to formulate things in this regard. With all due respect to the mother tongue, we encourage students to strictly abide by the campus language, since it's about seven - eight hours a day that they have access to this foreign language.

Special focus on the language skills - Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing - is the set agenda of the department. The competitions of the year commenced with Vocabulary test, Essay Writing, Creative Writing and Recitation and we look forward to the series of events hosted by the department. The English Fest - a week-long celebration of the language, provides students the chance to think, breath and live in English. Elocution, Panel Discussion, Choral Recitation, JAM, Mock the Press, Extempore, Versification, Poster Designing, Slogan Writing, Puzzles, Crossword, Product Launch etc are a few awaited events.

The Book Exhibition along with the Interschool Panel Discussion competition and Interschool Debate competition provide a chance for fostering public relations as well as checking their finesse against their counterparts.

The department attaches great importance to the teaching of Literature for providing rich linguistic input and effective stimuli to express and the teaching of Language to help follow the Standard English in writing and speech. Cursive Copy books, additional working sheets etc along with the audio- visual support from the Digi Classes make English classes attractive.

With the blessing from Above, the entire department looks forward to a wonderful year of Reflect, renew and radiate.