1. Admission to St . Patrick's Academy does not ensure a seat on any particular bus .If a bus is full, or does not cover the required area, parents will have to make their own arrangements.
2. Request for change of bus route or additional stops will not be entertained in any case.
3. For joining the school bus : To avail of the transport facilities parents are requested to fill up the forms, available in the office.
4. Change of the School bus : Students must inform the office about the change of their bus route by filling up the prescribed from. No change will be effective unless sanctioned by the school office.
5. For discontinuation of the school bus : Inform the school office by filling up the prescribed form. Inform the school regarding the mode of transport to be used after the discontinu-ation of the school bus in the prescribed form. Bus fee will be charged till the office is informed.
6. In case of discontinuation of school transport, current month's fee should be paid in full.
7. The bus fees has to be paid according to the fees schedule printed on the fee booklet.
8. Private Transport : Students are forbidden to come to school in self -driven vehicles. Strict action will be taken against those who do so.
9. No student is permitted to take lift from any person in his/her bikes/cars without the prior permission of the school authorities. It is very dangerours to take lift from strangers who encourage you to ride with them with a promise to reach you home.