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Our apostolic endeavours are inspired and nurtured by the Good News of Jesus Christ.

St.Patrick's Academy, Angamaly is founded and run by The Congregation of the Brothers of St.Patrick, India and is registered as The Educational Society of the Brothers of St.Patrick , Angamaly. The Society reserves the right to close down or dispose of, in whole or in part, any of the institutions or activities, whether educational or charitable, as the Governing Body of the Society may deem fit and no claim can be made on the society for such actions.

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We are a team of makers, thinkers, explorers and creators. We are serious about delivering great outcomes.

Bro. Dennis Joseph


Bro. P.K Joseph

Community Leader

Bro. M John Britto

Vice Principal

Ms. Delma Anish

Senior Coordinator

MS. Rekha Ravi

Middle Coordinator

Ms. Anjana Varghese

Junior Coordinator

MS.Neethu Arun

K.G Coordinator

Mr. Amit Rapheal

Head Boy

"We are afflicted in every way, but not crushed; perplexed, but not driven to despair".
Yes, the pandemic has fractured the ever sprinting world and has been in its healing phase-putting it into a rest. We too have been injured along with the world, trying to cope up with its speed, both physically and mentally. Our normal routines have been changed and we have been drowning in the novel social distancing lifestyle. In short, life has come to a halt and is trying to adapt a new fitting lifestyle.
Now there comes the importance of "Resilience". It is the skill of noticing own thoughts, unhooking from the non-constructive ones and rebalancing quickly. Hence, we, St. Patrick's Academy have this year as "Year of Resilience" to remind us to rebalance ourselves quickly and find the new, but firm base.
As much as we love conventional classrooms and campus hangouts, as a true patrician, we should rise to the occasion and embrace the virtual setup. Zoom calls and Google meets have made interaction between "Techsavy teachers" and "Creative students" easier.
The never ending social distancing has lead to social I-solation, but we patrician converted these I-solation to We-solation, through digital space. We patrician are there for each other a call away and taking the true spirit of resilience, We Patricians believe in, Whatever happens "The show must go on".

Ms. Meenakshi Nair

Head Girl

"Resilience is all about being able to overcome the unexpected." - James Cascio.
Never did we ever think that we Patricians will have to adopt to home schooling, leaving behind our beloved campus. Sacrificing our classrooms, teachers, friends and all the fun. But this is what our theme of the year 'Resilience' is all about, sailing past all the sorrows. The lockdown has made us more close amidst all the distances and even more strong in spite of the distressing air. Come rain or shine, Patricians will rise above all this and will return to school as jubilant students, to once again ring the bells and fill it with great zest.