Principal's Message

"I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples." (Mother Teresa)

Education has always been the cornerstone of a society, the pillar on which the embankment of human existence rests or the perennial beacon as mankind made his/her way in to the unknown. The art of educating and its science underwent tremendous changes in the past but the core and the primary aim remains intact. True education strive to instil in every pupil a sense of virtue, wisdom, sensitivity towards the needs of others, life skills, right attitude and fear of the Almighty which in turn would help them to explore, excel and the power to act. Every school's mission centres around "Educate, enlighten and empower." A school becomes unique, distinctive and sought after, when it is ready to walk that extra mile with the students, ensuring the actualization of the three "Es."

Education is a life-long process and school life is considered to be the best phase in one's life as the rudiments of life are often absorbed here. It is such a unique phase where one is at liberty to be creative, experimental and exploring, without the fear of being isolated or criticized too much by his/her peer group. Education, besides providing knowledge is to make the young self-reliant, independent, enterprising, seeking and to be adapting. The trials and errors, positive vibes, diverse ideas, tolerance, team spirit, values etc. gained from school life, often acts as a base and provide impetus in the pursuit of success in life.

Welcome to St. Patrick's Academy, Angamaly. Established in 2005, by the Congregation of the Brothers of St. Patrick or Patrician Brothers as they are popularly known, the academy is situated on Manjapra Road, on a sprawling and serene campus. The academy is known for its architectural uniqueness, lush green canopies, generous amount of space, state of the art facilities, competent staff, and all that goes in to create a perfect learning ambience.

"Life is all about using the whole box of crayons" and the joy is double when the resources available at home are put into optimum use. A second rank in the country (Ms. Lakshmi Mohan) in the ISC examination held in 2014-15 and an another second rank in the ICSE examination of 2018- 19 (Ms. Nimisha Jose Edassery) besides a host of other superb achievements, has placed SPA in the league of the top notched schools of the area. Besides assisting in academic excellence, the school offers a host of extra-curricular activities and many add-ons to infuse creative thinking, problem solving ability, leadership quality, mutual respect for all, team spirit, commitment, patriotism, competitiveness, tolerance, compassion towards the less privileged etc. to churn out a well-balanced and integrated person.

Sporting facilities in abundance, activities designed for all age groups, well equipped state of the art class rooms and labs, technology aided dispensation of learning, ample opportunities to showcase one's God given talents, readiness to embrace change and the signs of the time, competent and dedicated staff, a very supportive parent body etc. are some of the key factors that have made the academy what it is today and well appreciated. While gratefully acknowledging the contribution of all concerned, I wish all those who enter the portals of this institution, God's choicest blessings, a wonderful time here and a successful life ahead.

Bro. Dennis Joseph Fsp,