Moral Department

Morality is the universally acknowledged as the highest aim of humanity and consequently of education. Moral education connotes the teaching of moral and spiritual values in educational institutions. Moral values particularly refer to the conduct of human beings in various situations in home, in educational institutions, in social organizations and in the economic sphere. It is therefore essential to develop some inner discipline and strength of character among youth.

In today's fast moving modern materialist world, the importance of inculcating the right values in a child is extremely significant. Any education that does not take into account the moral development of the child is incomplete. The aim of moral education is to strengthen the mental and moral facilities of the child and take education beyond the development of mechanical skills. This includes meaningful experiences and life skills that promote values like compassion, respect for people, dignity of labour, appreciation and understanding of the need for good physical and mental health as well as positive attitude. It also focuses on concern for the environment and social commitment. It aims at instilling values that help children lead a life that is not only sensible and useful but also socially committed and compassionate.

Here at St. Patrick's we have a set syllabus in each class, so that a sum of all values could be understand and practiced by the time they finish the schooling. Motivational videos are part and parcel of Moral Science classes. In the assemblies, we have short skits highlighting certain value every day. Moral talks in the classes by one student a day are yet another way we inculcate values into children. Value based education has helped us to grow fast and positively.