General Knowledge Department

News of today is general knowledge of tomorrow. General knowledge is very essential in a student's life, since they have to crack many of the competitions and interviews. General knowledge makes a student smarter.

General knowledge cannot be attained overnight. Attainment of information regarding current affairs is a long and steady process where we have to be in regular contact with the ongoing affairs of not only India but also the world, because any news taken place in some corner of the world affects us and our country eventually, in some way or the other. We must be regular in reading the newspaper, watching news channels and listening to the radio for any important information. It should be made a habit. Once it becomes a habit in the children they will enjoy gathering information and would be curious to know more.

SPA's GK Department functions in the following way.

  • A set syllabus is followed to ensure a certain amount of fixed general information, is passed to all the students necessarily.
  • Daily news reading is made a part of the assembly.
  • Daily quiz, subject wise and category wise is organized.
  • We have quiz club, where the students update themselves.
  • All the classes are encouraged to keep a news corner in their classroom display board.