The future of our nation depends on our ability to create and to be creative. During the coming decades our most important national resource will be human resources. If our nation is to continue to meet the challenges of the future, today's schools need to develop creative leaders. "Being involved in extracurricular activities the students will learn about time management and prioritizing things in their life and also allows students to get involved in diverse interests." We have different clubs such as radio club, language club, hand writing club, self care, music club, vocal club, media, skating club, writing club, science club etc in our school.

Abacus Club

This program uses the multisensory techniques which involves coordination of visual (eyes), auditory (ears), kinesthetic (motor memory), and tactile (hands) senses to learn. The abacus training makes the child more confident and focused in the school. Performing mental calculations help in enhancing the memory and improve the concentration of the child.

Art & Craft

In Art Craft club students will be learning how to make beautiful flowers with velvet and decorated it with glitter linings and sequences. They also learn to make pictures of insects like butterflies, bugs and animals. Another interesting area they learn in this club is fabric painting and velvet painting.

Chess and Scrabble Club

A healthy mind and a fit body contribute greatly in shaping the golden future of a child. Board games such as Chess& Scrabble greatly aid in developing the muscles of the brain because they involve different areas of the brain and engaging in these board games directly contributes towards the sharpening of the brain.

The members are divided into three groups according to the skill and knowledge. The motive of this club is to equip the students to sharpen their skills and there by solve the practical difficulties in their life.

Scrabble increases a child's creative ability to create new words from the letters provided to them. Children will find the game fun and engaging while they attempt to create different words than the ones already used on the board. The excitement children experience while playing the game increases when they start to score more points and win multiple games. This competitiveness encourages children to think faster than their competitors.

Debate Club

Debate is the formal contest of argumentation between two teams. Through debating, pupil can nurture their formal speaking and listening skills in a structured and competitive environment. Debating brings the skills of increased confidence in speaking and teamwork skills. The club helps the upcoming debaters improve their language, style, presentation, general knowledge and teamwork. This club helps in the overall development of a young debater.

Dramatics Club

Dramatic Arts education is an important means of stimulating creativity in problem solving. It can challenge students' perceptions about their world and about themselves. Dramatic exploration can provide students with an outlet for emotions, thoughts, and dreams that they might not otherwise have means to express.

Glass Painting

Painting allows children to express their creativity and have fun. Children who paint learn to think with an open mind, to look at situations creatively. Students traced the pictures and gave attractive colours to their pictures.

Karate Club

A typical hour-long class begins and ends with a bow to the teacher, or master. After a warm-up, students practice the art's particular skills, which may include kicks, punches and blocks. Each requires concentration and strict attention. Progress is often marked by the belt system, which takes the beginner from a white belt through a variety of colors until black.

Knitting Club

The club members are taught to make colourful mufflers. They have opportunities to share their innovations and creativity. With the cooperation and enthusiastic participation most of the students completes their muffler. This club helps to improve the patience and creativity of a child.

Mathematics Club

The students in the present generation try to build a strong foundation in Maths. The activities in math's club improve their speed and accuracy. The logical reasoning questions and the puzzles discussed in the club will be useful for the students to face competitive exams and to excel in them. The construction of models and charts enabled the students to get a concrete idea of theorems and properties.

Media Club

The members in the media club are the official reporters for the bimonthly newsletter SPA Beacon and the members of Magazine committee. Most of the time will be spent in compiling articles for the magazines, discussing themes and ideas. Reports of all the events organized in school are prepared and handed over to the Newsletter committee. Besides these, posters of current and useful topics are also prepared.

Public Speaking

The club helps students to reduce stage fear. They have to speak three minutes speech. Topics will be given on the spot. They will discuss each other how each one presented the topic. They will learn many new words and their usage in this club.

Stitching Club

This club helps the students to improve their creativity. It give them an opportunity to learn many stitches like back stitch, stem stitch and chain stitch. They learn hand embroidery.

Yoga Club

Children derive enormous benefits from yoga. Doing yoga, children exercise, play, connect more deeply with the inner self, and develop an intimate relationship with the natural world that surrounds them.

Quiz Club

Quiz club members are taught the latest knowledge. They get the opportunity to take part in the inter school and national level quiz competitions.

Computer Club

The computer club has included software's like Macro media Flash, Visual Basic etc. in its syllabus which could help the students in exploring their designing capabilities, either in software or hardware field thus to ensure their space in the IT world. Computer club has also given the students ample chances to turn their innovative ideas into reality through simple software development and making animations.